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It all started years ago in Denmark, with a young music loving girl in dreadlocks and Dr. Martens. I had the most messy makeup - primarily consisting of vast amounts of bronzer, lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara - that you can possibly imagine. My Japanese Yoko Ono’ish mother and artsy Danish farther, who owned a record shop and side-gig’ed as a music producer, meant I was brought up with a lot of freedom and little routine.

While that has blessed me, with what some would call a free spirit and plenty of adventures, it also meant I had a ‘leave-on-for-days’ makeup strategy, that eventually came back to bite me in the but.

Fast forward 10 years, and this brown eyed girls love for Lauryn Hill and flared pants, had been updated many times over, with the beauty and fashion trend ‘du jour’. A passion that eventually led me to appreciate the Nordic high quality design, no fuss approach to beauty - which again gained me the privilege of working professionally with brands such as ghd hair, e.l.f. cosmetics and VICHY.

Yet all along, I was struggling with my own sensitive skin. It seemed that my love for all things makeup, was as odds with an even reasonably healthy complexion. Granted, I have had an intense lifestyle with everything from heat and humidity to stress and fatigue, but so do most women these days.

Then finally one day 5 years ago - out of daily discomfort - I started researching beauty science at depth after hours. I was fiercely reading white papers and testing out products for months at end, until finally it dawned on me. No matter how I connected the dots I was finding my answers in K-beauty again and again. Dr. Jart, 3CE Stylenanda, Amore Pacific - here was a nation of 25M+ South Korean women with seemingly jaw dropping radiance and glow. What was their secret - could some of the Korean skin care principles be applied to Makeup?

Well... you be the judge - because in the end I decided to go to Korea to find out. An now, after years of development involving some of the most prominent Korean skin and cosmetics scientists, I am thrilled to present our ‘skin-first’ makeup brand SWAE Cosmetics for you to try out.

Normal, dry, combination, or oily skin - at SWAE Cosmetics we have been obsessing over all of these skin types in relation to makeup, and formulated our products to be adaptive, hydrating, enhancing and illuminating unlike anything we believe you have ever tried before. But hey...I should probably stop talking - it’s just that this topic makes my heart run a little fast.

In the end it is all about you, and how you choose to use makeup to look and feel your best. Should you bring us along for the journey, we would be forever grateful - may you walk strong and bee free the way you were meant to be.


Yours with gratitude,

Emilie Delance, CEO/Founder